design with you in mind

software development, integration & interoperability

CESI is an industry-leading Software Development organization in the Modeling and Simulation sector that delivers high quality software to DoD users in a manner that is timely, secure, and cost effective.  We work directly with our customers to adopt methods and tools that they are comfortable with, fostering processes and culture that allow growth, both fast and deep, to meet mission needs.  We pride ourselves on attracting, educating, retaining, and promoting digital talent and for supporting the workforce to follow modern practices, including developing software hand-in-hand with users.  Designing, developing, deploying, and continuously improving software is central to our core.  We develop solutions utilizing leading-edge technologies and make technology work for you.

special capabilities

  • Agile Methodologies; DevSecOps & Continuous Integration
  • Management of large Baselines (10M LOC)
  • Post System Deployment Operations and Maintenance Support
  • Systems Architecture, Systems Engineering, Software Development & Test, Mission Command and Simulation Systems Interoperability, Information Assurance (RMF), Fielding and Exercise Support
  • System Analysis, virtualization, automation and performance optimization in military environments

innovative & integrated training

How data is accessed and used within a system or other systems requires agile system response. With that in mind, we build our simulation-based systems with standard simulation protocols; such as, Distributed Interactive Simulation, High-Level Architecture, Joint Simulation BUS, and Common Training Instrumentation Architecture that allows customers to easily access and update information.

We also develop Service-Oriented Architecture implementations to support interoperability among simulations. We integrate live, virtual, and constructive training systems into a cohesive training environment that includes; exercise planning, after action review, scenario development, and combined exercise debriefs. The goal of an LVCG Integrated Training Environment (ITE) is to approximate the operating environment. This provides realistic training and mission rehearsal capabilities for units, leaders, and staff.