engineering management

modeling & simulation

CESI delivers solutions for complex training and education needs using modeling and simulation enabled products and services.  Serving military, government, education, and commercial markets, we develop, deliver, and sustain high-quality modeling and simulation products and serious games.

With a strong track record of successfully building scalable, modular open systems architecture solutions, our comprehensive forward-looking approach ensures that our products and services deliver not only today, but for years to come. Our technology experts build distributed, interoperable, upgradable training capabilities to deliver the results you need.

m&s experience – we’ve got it

  • Analysis and Modeling in Military Domain
  • Modular Open Systems Architecture
  • Scalable Systems-of-Systems Interoperability Solutions
  • Extreme Faster-Than-Realtime Simulation
  • Cybersecurity Training Solutions for Distributed & Multi Echelon Security Needs
  • Live, Virtual, Constructive, Gaming
  • Next generation simulation framework
  • Patented Innovative Live Training Technology including NLOS weapons
  • Serious Game Design, Development & Testing; Immersive Frameworks
  • Post Deployment Engineering Services
  • Operations and Maintenance Support of Fielded Training Devices
  • Scenario Development
  • Exercise Support