Modeling and Simulation

CESI’s experienced team and extensive infrastructure is ready to support your complex modeling and simulation projects. Our modeling and simulation teams analyze the most complicated issues to develop effective solutions that meet our clients’ needs.

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Along with design, development, test and other types of support, we also provide maintenance support for our modeling and simulation products. This means that our products will continue to work for years in the future, long after delivery.

A sample of our modeling capabilities include:

  • Extensive experience developing computer-generated forces for virtual and constructive command staff training
  • Production of high-fidelity simulations that model many military operating systems for virtual and constructive simulation domains
  • Development of some of the US Army's premier staff training systems
  • Contributions to the development of semi-automated forces for virtual training systems
  • Development of command staff training systems for the US Army, US Marine Corps, and various foreign entities
  • Development of virtual aircraft and ground training devices for various US military and foreign clients

CESI’s expertise, track record, and commitment to excellence means that our clients are safe in our hands. We can help you accomplish even your most challenging modeling and simulation missions on time and within budget.

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