CESI designs, develops, tests, manages, documents, and delivers the Live, Virtual, Constructive-Integrated Architecture (LVC-IA) for PEO STRI for use in the Army Mission Training Complexes (MTC). The goal of LVC-IA is to enable an LVC Integrated Training Environment (ITE) that approximates the operating environment. This provides realistic training and mission rehearsal capabilities for units, leaders, and staff.

The United States Army has benefitted from the use of this technology which has the capability to deliver the same benefits and efficiencies to other first responders and to other industries.

LVC-IA is a system of systems that enables persistent, home station training for Brigade Combat Teams (BCT). By enabling persistent home station training in all three training environments (e.g. Live, Virtual/Gaming, and Constructive), LVC-IA maximizes the efficacy of training in various home station postings. With LVC-IA, students and operators in different locations can be part of the same simulation experience and make critical decisions in real-time.

LVC-IA provides the interoperability and components to retrieve, collect, and exchange data in real time, enabling a realistic representation of a common operational picture (COP) across the full spectrum of conflict. LVC-IA provides a two-way network-centric linkage between model, simulations and instrumentation, and Battle Command Systems (BCS) that support collective and battle staff training and mission rehearsals for a BCT. LVC-IA defines how information is exchanged among domains and systems. It also addresses standards, protocols and required interfaces to support the interoperability and integration of common components. With LVC-IA, all of the supported systems operate together.

Since Live, Virtual/Gaming, and Constructive systems have been integrated into federations for many years, many existing software components can fulfill LVC-IA’s architectural requirements. LVC-IA program also reuses other government off-the-shelf (GOTS) and commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) components. Leveraging these existing applications reduces risk and cost. In addition to the US Army, this software can be used to facilitate training for first responders and those in other industries as well.


Design, develop, test, manage, document, and deliver a persistent Live, Virtual/Gaming, Constructive Integrating Architecture allowing two-way network-centric linkages between model, simulations and instrumentation, and Battle Command Systems (BCS) that support collective and battle staff training and mission rehearsals for a Brigade Combat Team (BCT).

Major Technical Services

We provide pre-deployment and fielding technical services for LVC-IA.

LVC-IA pre-deployment services:

  • Site survey (network, power and facility needs)
  • Hardware acquisition and configuration
  • Software installation and configuration

LVC-IA fielding services:

  • Packing and shipping
  • Site acceptance testing and interoperability verification with core systems
  • Comprehensive O&M training course developed by CESI under LVC-IA program is inclusive of all LVC-IA system functionality and interoperability with core systems.
  • Software and System maintenance and support
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