Technical Services and Training

Cole Engineering’s promise is to tackle and conquer the most complex and critical technical engineering projects by applying skilled leadership and rigorous discipline.

We have the technical engineering capability to manage the unpredictable and we have the motivation to remove technological boundaries and anticipate problems to deliver expected end results. To accomplish your goals, CESI utilizes specific tools and unparalleled expertise.

Tools and Expertise include:

  • System architecture & analysis using DoDAF methodologies.
  • Distributed simulation development & integration using Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) and High Level Architecture (HLA).
  • OneSAF and OneSAF Test Bed Baseline (OTB) architecture and modeling.
  • Joint SAF (JSAF) architecture and modeling.
  • Autonomous behaviors for SAF environments.
  • Virtual simulation modeling and development (e.g., CCTT RVS).
  • Instructor station software for virtual simulation.
  • Web / distributed software systems development.
  • Natural Language Processing Interface (NaLPI) for SAF event stimulation using C4I messages.
  • Sustainable solutions with rigorous Post Deployment Software Support (PDSS).
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Major Technical Services include:

  • Configuration control, distribution agreement management & support of all Domestic and International OneSAF baselines.
  • Co-Developer product manager for handover integration (e.g., United States Marine Core CACCTUS, AVCATT, Australian MOD, BLCSE, Apache LCT and OneSAF Production).
  • Operations and maintenance of the OneSAF Integrated Development Environment (IDE), IT infrastructure and technology refresh requirements / activities.
  • OneSAF User / O&M / Developer Training including mobile training capability.
  • OCONUS baseline delivery, installation, user and developer training (e.g., UK, Australia, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Israel, New Zealand, Canada, South Korea, Bahrain, Egypt).
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