MTWS (Marine Air Ground Task Force [MAGTF] Tactical Warfare Simulation) is the U.S. Marine Corps simulation of record used to train staffs from the battalion level upwards. MTWS is a full-fledged member of the J7/JCW JLVC Federation, and provides the critical Laissez Faire capability to support direct ground combat between the JLVC and JLCCTC federations.

Marine Air Ground Task Force Image Collage

MTWS is unique in that it supports Tier 1 – 4 training across the full spectrum of operations (peacekeeping/disaster relief to high intensity combat) and battle space models. MTWS, via either DIS or HLA connections, also supports the training and integration of small unit/team training on higher resolution systems such as VBS2 with the battalion staff exercise being driven by MTWS.

MTWS is used by all USMC simulation centers worldwide in support of operating force training and formal schools. It is used internationally to support exercises in Europe, Africa and the Pacific Rim, and by the US Navy in their schools.

Features and Benefits

  • Scalable – battalion to CJTF
  • Tier 1 – Tier 4
  • Battle Space model breadth – ground combat, fires, air ops, intel, CSS, engineering, naval/maritime ops, amphibious, CBRN, weather . . . no need for multiple simulations and associated costs to support training
  • C4I connectivity
  • After Action Reviews
  • DIS/HLA compatibility and simulation interoperability
  • Maturity, stability, reliability
  • Adaptable, using established virtualization and incorporation of C-BML to support movement to cloud based distributed exercise planning and execution
  • Graphical exercise laydown planner and exercise design
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