Modeling and Simulation

Cole Engineering has the infrastructure in place to develop complex modeling and simulation products to achieve the purposes of our clients, whether military, medical, educational, or industry and commerce. Our modeling and simulation team eagerly consider the most complicated issues, problem-solving to develop solutions that deliver desired results.

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Uniquely, CESI provides maintenance support for our modeling and simulation products, ensuring that these products continue to deliver well after we have turned them over to our clients.

We are proud to provide high fidelity simulations, modeling many of the military operating systems for the virtual and constructive simulation domains. Our extensive experience in computer-generated forces for the virtual and constructive command staff training domains has yielded results for our clients. In addition, our program teams continue to deliver the US Army's premier staff training systems, and we continue to develop the semi-automated forces for the virtual training systems.

Of note is the fact that CESI has developed command staff training systems for the US Army, US Marine Corps and various foreign countries. Importantly, CESI's team has developed virtual aircraft and ground training devices for various US military and foreign customers.

You are safe in our hands as our experienced team stands ready to undertake the most complex challenges to ensure that you are on target for meeting your modeling and simulation mission on time and on budget.

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